you were only waiting for this moment to arrive

One of my favorite moments of the night was seeing everyone break in the middle of a scene and have to get themselves back together from a giggle attack.

To see more pics of the night check out the album on Facebook

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There’s not much more fun things to experience than Improv that you love, by people you dig, in a venue that’s your second home. To see more shots go to our album on Facebook

av artistic vibes glee cast improv local arts theatre miami blake jenner impromedy acting comedy glee

I forgot this thing existed

Crap! Hello tumblr - I missed your face. I need to be productive soooooo here comes come photo uploads. TEASER: more Glee cast members, apparently I’m collecting them like Pokemon cards. 


This weeks theme: PRODUCTIVITY! All entrepreneurs need some tips and tricks to keep us on top of our game!




Progression of making my wedding dress. Since I make wedding gowns for a living I knew my mom and I had to do something epic for my wedding day^^
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Look at that dress! and that waist!


I’m in love - true love


PHOTOGRAPHY: A Period of Juvenile Prosperity by Mike Brodie

Born 1985 in Arizona, Mike Brodie first began photographing in 2004 when he was given a Polaroid camera.

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Joel McHale for The Hollywood Reporter

that's some a+ posing



Every Thursday

Doors Open 8pm

Show Starts 9pm

Really dope open mic spot: link below


FASHION: No Makeup / “No Makeup” by Sierra McKenzie

"This is hard for me to post but I feel like it is important. 

I remember hating my face and hating my skin and looking at all the girls around me in middle school and on tv and in ads and feeling like I was a monstrosity in comparison. But I remember the first time I realized women plucked their eyebrows.”

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relevant this is why i take big makeup breaks and i dont over edit my pics i love when people still look like THEMSELVES


My mum broke her wrist and didnt want to go to her dinner party with an ugly cast so I broke out some brushes and painted Van Gogh’s ” Starry night ” on it for her.

A+ kid